Lesson learned: shoot what I love

I only have about a month left in my Intermediate Photography class.

I have been trying to keep a positive attitude, reminding myself that even if the assignments don’t appeal to me when they’re assigned, maybe I’ll learn to love them.

Or perhaps like them enough to want to pursue them as a way to make some money.

Or at least appreciate any new and improved skills I might gain, both shooting and Photoshopping.

But the best attitude I can muster right now for most of the assignments is, “I may learn something that I may find a use for someday, something I might never have chosen to learn on my own.”

I keep reminding myself that I’ve taken any number of courses that I didn’t particularly enjoy, but later found useful–albeit mostly in trivia contests. (Q: What is the common name of dihydrogen monoxide? A. Water.)

And I keep telling myself that learning anything new in photography is always a plus.

But I think the most important lesson I’ve learned in the class is to shoot what I love. That’s the real joy of photography for me.


One thought on “Lesson learned: shoot what I love

  1. The technical lessons can be useful and, yes, may impart some bit of knowledge that you find out is really helpful in some random situation. It’s also helpful to simply have other knowledgeable people critique and comment on your works, if only for the different (but informed) perspectives.

    But, yes, the joy is in photographing what you love. Never let anyone convince you that you’re wrong for liking what you like or that your eye or perspective is bad. It may need refinement, or maybe a different venue, but it’s yours and yours alone. Enjoy it.

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