Neverending photo equipment lust

On Black Friday 2011, I bought a Canon T3, mostly because I wanted to take more photo classes, and every one that seemed interesting required a DSLR, not a point-and-shoot. The T3 came with two kit lenses and a nice free(!) camera backpack. I already owned several SD cards. And that seemed like enough equipment–until a few days later when the camera arrived.

Obviously I’d need a backup battery. So I bought one.

And was I really going to carry around a camera, maybe a second lens, a battery, and a couple of SD cards in a rather large backpack? I definitely needed a more compact case too. So I bought one.

But…doh…I’d forgotten about the need to clean my camera and lenses. So I bought a blower and cleaning cloth. OK. At least those didn’t cost a lot. That was it for now. Really.

And that seemed like enough equipment–until a few weeks later when, remembering how often I’d used a polarizing filter with great results back when I did film photography, I decided to buy one of those. And I also decided that that was enough spending on camera equipment. I don’t have much money, and I still had to pay for the classes that were the reason I bought the DSLR in the first place.

Then I realized that what I really needed to buy was a macro lens to take the kinds of flower photos I wanted to take. Checked prices. Holy not-in-my-budget! But because I needed the macro, I splurged. “I’ll just call this my Christmas 2013 present to myself.”

But No. More. Equipment. Especially no more lenses. I mean, now I had everything I needed to take some really nice photos. And I was content.

A few months later, in one of my photo classes, the instructor kept telling us that using a tripod probably would help improve the quality of many of our shots and would be required for night photography. I didn’t need to buy a tripod though, because I had been gifted a tripod during my film photography days, and I didn’t remember ever using it, so it was like new. And I discovered it was also like heavy. Honestly, even if I was physically capable of lugging such a heavy tripod around with me, I had no desire to do that. But I didn’t want to avoid shots where I needed a tripod. So…I needed to buy a new lighter tripod. And I did. OK. Enough equipment!

When cold weather arrived, I wondered how I’d manage shooting with gloves on. And then I discovered photography gloves! Well, that was exciting. And I found some cleverly designed  ones on sale, so not too expensive, especially with free shipping, so naturally I bought those. I liked them very much, and because I liked them so much, I showed them off to anyone who was willing to take a look. And I was happy.

But as I started to read more photography websites and blogs, I learned about other equipment that photographers often recommended. 50mm prime lenses for example. I could see the benefit in having one for indoor and low light shooting. And they weren’t terribly expensive. OK. That’ll be my Christmas 2014 present to myself.

Still, I really wanted to buy that ultra-wide lens I’d read about. It would be cool to have one for landscape photography, so I bought that. But I bought a used one, so that wasn’t so bad.

And even though I rarely shoot with a flash, I bought a speedlight. But there was an instant rebate on the speedlight. How could I resist?

Eeek. Was I becoming a camera equipment junkie?

Plus there were the photo equipment sites where I saw lens hoods, and lens cases, and padded neck straps, and rain sleeves, and bulb shutter releases, (and wonderful lenses I can never afford). Since my photography equipment budget already had been depleted through 2014 2015 2016, with the exception of the unaffordable lenses, those were all put on my (ever growing) Photography Equipment Wish List. (Yeah, I certainly lust after the expensive lenses too, but I am trying to be sensible and realistic even though I guess since it’s a Wish List I could wish for anything.)

My Wish List grew even longer once I joined a couple of Photography meetups and learned about the benefits of neutral density filters, and neutral density graduated filters, and studio lights, and lightboxes, and little bubble levels that attach to a camera’s hot shoe so they look sorta like Kodak Instamatic Flash Cubes. (I seem to have some difficulty keeping my camera level when I need to, so the levels were especially intriguing. Not to mention awfully cute.)

And other photographers have shown me their cameras with some features I’d love to have in my camera: an articulating screen (a much appreciated feature on my Canon PowerShot A95 point-and-shoot), the ability to use a wireless shutter release, built in wi-fi transmitter, and, oh my, an electronic level display. But while I lust after a camera with these features, unless prices of cameras that come with them come down–significantly–I’ll only be able to lust after them.

But lust I will after another camera, and more lenses, and everything I have on my Wish List, and new-to-me equipment I seem to come across at least once a week somewhere.

I suspect my photo equipment lust will never end. I could be wrong, but it does seem really unlikely.


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