Lightroom: will it lighten my editing stress? I hope, I hope

At the suggestion of several of my more advanced photographer friends, I have bought and installed Lightroom 4.

Let the new (mis)adventure in editing software begin!

I’ve started to learn-as-I-go to do a bit of basic editing and am finding Lightroom easier to navigate than Photoshop as my friends said I would. But Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 4 book is sitting on my desk now. 488 pages. Oy! Maybe ignorance is bliss in my thinking Lightroom really will be easier to learn well enough to develop some degree of proficiency than I’m finding Photoshop is. But I’m optimistic.

I will still need to use Photoshop in my photo class, but at home right now, I plan to use a combination of Lightroom and, when I need to do something beyond what I can do in Lightroom, Photoshop Elements.


2 thoughts on “Lightroom: will it lighten my editing stress? I hope, I hope

  1. I was clueless as far as Lightroom was concerned about a year ago. Now I don’t know what I would do without it. Once you learn it you will wonder how you functioned without it.

  2. I’ve used LR since the first Public Beta. From the beginning I found it easy to learn and use. Just remember it’s the software between your ears that makes the image first. :-)

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