I make mistakes. I’m going to be a fabulous photographer!

I’m not ashamed to admit I make mistakes shooting photographs, even if I’d rather they not be connected to my real name. (At least until I become a skilled and respected photographer, and I can laughingly point to my mistakes as examples of “what not to do.”)

Sometimes they’re mistakes in composition or lighting, but more frequently they are dumb mistakes like forgetting to change my camera’s settings when I needed to. (Not to mention–again–my endless, but I like to think, often creative Photoshop mistakes).

I learn by my mistakes. I really do. I try not to repeat my mistakes. Sometimes I am successful. In other cases, my learning is preceded by my making the same mistake several times. And I’m very clever about making new ones.

So I had to smile when I read “Why Making Mistakes is Good for Your Photography” by Draycat. Because if they are, I’m going to–eventually–be a fabulous photographer!


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