Yay for photography meetup groups!

After my Photoshop struggles in my photo class last week, I was feeling pretty low, and I was still feeling rather glum the next day, the day one of the two photography meetup groups I belong to was meeting.

Previously, I’d been looking forward to going to the meetup, but I was feeling so dispirited and unenergetic, I debated all afternoon whether I’d go.

But at the last minute, I decided to go. I did want to hear that evening’s presentation, and I knew I’d be around people who are really enthusiastic about photography which always cheers me up.

And almost from the moment I walked into the meeting, I felt my spirits lift. What a great group of people. Friendly, welcoming, supportive, and funny as can be (at least most of the people who have anything to say during the meeting are very witty.) They made me laugh. They reminded me of the joy I get from photography, and why I want to keep doing it. They helped me put my current photography woes into perspective.

So when I walked into class this week, I reminded myself why I was there–which was not to have my love of photography be dampened by some software (Yes, I’m talking about you, Photoshop.)


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