ARRGGGHHHH! Photoshop!

I knew a few Photoshop basic editing skills before my current photography class. I knew a bit about cropping, changing brightness, correcting and enhancing color. I even knew a little about some of those handy Photoshop tools: Clone Stamp, Red-Eye Removal, and Eraser.

Please note the “a few,” “a bit,” and “a little.” And even the parts of Photoshop I knew a “few/bit/little,” I had hardly mastered. I fumbled my way though most of the editing. And if I had to do something to a photo that I hadn’t done for a while, I had relearn how to do it. I wasn’t really ready to learn much in the way of more advanced Photoshop skills, and currently struggle with my class assignments that require more than a “few/bit/little” basic skills.

But beyond what I kinda know and what I’m trying to learn, it’s what I don’t know about Photoshop that really makes me go “Arrggghhh!” I’ll click somewhere by mistake, and suddenly I have new panels, and I have no idea what they are, or how to get rid of them. Or the panel I was using disappears. Where did it go? And how do I make it come back?

I hit a wrong key, and whoops, my photo gets grayed out. I haven’t a clue what to do then. Hit another key by mistake, and *poof*, where did my photo go? Or even more baffling, I sometimes wonder where Photoshop went, and why am I back in Bridge?

So when the instructor is leading us through the steps for an assignment, and asks, “Are you with me?” my embarrassed answer is often, “No.” Because two steps back I clicked on the wrong box and did something I didn’t intend to do, and now I’m completely lost. Or worse, three steps ago, I did something else I didn’t intend on doing, and my photo is lost. Somewhere. And I don’t know if it’s ever coming back.

And by the time I finally manage to undo what I did by mistake, or give up trying to fix whatever it was I messed up, the class has moved on. And so I silently yell, “Arrggghhh!! Photoshop!”


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