I am not a baby photographer

Since I am not a photographer, it should come as no surprise that that means I am not a baby photographer. That seems to surprise some people.

“Why don’t you make some money by taking baby photos?”

Because I am not a photographer; I am in the process of learning to be a photographer. Because I am not skilled enough. Because I do not have the appropriate equipment (pro camera, lenses and tripod, lighting, backdrops). Because I’m not interested. (To clarify: Yes, I’m interested in making money taking photos. Someday–when I am a photographer. But I am not interested in making money taking baby photographs.)

“Oh, you can do it. My daughter had her baby’s photos taken by a baby photographer who advertised on Craigs List, came to the local volunteer fire station, charged $200, took some photos, then sent my daughter a CD of the photos to print at her own expense. And the photos were terrible.”

Precisely. While I could make some money taking terrible photos of babies I have no intention of joining the bad baby not-a-photographer bunch.


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