Please come back, unicylist. Again and again.

As I was in my car this morning, exiting my driveway to drive to photo class, I looked to the right for traffic and spied a cyclist. Not unusual. Quite a few cyclists roll down my street every morning.

But then I did a double take. For the cyclist wasn’t the usual bicyclist, but a unicyclist, the first I’ve ever seen anywhere except during some type of entertainment performance.

Oh, for a camera at the ready. But my camera was safely packed away in my camera bag, turned off, lens cap on. Drat! That could have been such a great photo.

I’m going to keep watching to see if the unicyclist returns regularly. And if so, I’ll be waiting with a camera ready to shoot.

But given my history of photographing people and objects in motion, I probably will need to take more than one shot. I’ll probably need to take many, many shots to get a single keeper.

So I hope that the unicyclist rides by again and again and again.


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