I own a camera

I am always astonished at camera owners who believe they are “photographers,” when all they are are camera owners.

I know several camera owners who have decided that they are a “professional photographer” and have set up businesses selling their photos, even though they don’t know the basics of how their camera works or how to compose and shoot a good photo.

Well, gee, digital cameras are so easy to use now. Who can’t become a photographer? All you need to do is set your camera on “auto,” auto focus, aim, and shoot, right?

I am not one of those camera owners. I take photographs. Lots and lots of photographs (and discard most of them), take classes, go to photo meetups, talk to other photographers, read photography books, websites and blogs, and constantly look at the work of photographers.

So, I am learning to be a photographer. And becoming a photographer is a real challenge.

I am not a photographer yet.

But I hope to be a photographer. Eventually.


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